Internship – Douglas Elliman

Hi there,
Well, like Diana just mentioned, there’s only one week left and I can’t believe we moved from Sweden four months ago!? I have definitely experienced the expression, time flies when you’re having fun, during my stay here.

I have been doing my internship at one of the biggest real estate companies in Manhattan, Douglas Elliman where I’m in a team called the Michael Graves Team. As I mentioned it’s now only one week left here in New York and it feels really sad to go back home and leave the city, because now is the time when I feel I have really gotten into my work.
I’ve had an amazing time during these two months and I have done so many different things, going to open houses, broker tours, private showings, a lot of research, administrative things in general and listened to negotiation calls are just a few examples.
I’ve truly learned a lot during my time at Douglas Elliman, both about myself and the american business world in general. I have been challenged, I have gone outside my comfort zone and I have met so many new people. Furthermore, I really enjoyed to experience the american real estate market and get a perspective of how they do it here. I can definitely say it’s different in many ways from how we work in Sweden, but I like it. I can actually see myself back here in the future, maybe doing a deal or two, who knows what will happen in a few years.
I wish you all happy holidays!


Internship at a PR Firm

Hi everyone,

It’s so crazy that we only have one week left here. Time really flew by! It feels like we arrived yesterday.

I’ve been doing an internship at a public relations firm, Macias PR, during my time here in NY. It’s a small firm with four people (including two other interns) and of course Einstein, our little office dog. The office is at Fifth Avenue right next to the Empire State Building, which is kind of cool.

One of the biggest advantages with this firm is that it’s a small firm. You get a hands-on experience, responsibility and a huge opportunity to grow if you want to.

I had no experience from this field before I began this semester, but since day one I’ve gained so much knowledge about PR, American business culture and about myself.

Two months is a short time and I wanted to learn as mush as possible during that time. I’ve been challenged every day which was one of my biggest wishes when I applied for internships.

No days are the same at the office and I love that. Most of the days are you working with at least two different campaigns that can be anything from brainstorming new ideas to writing editorials, to editing videos in Premiere.

I’ve really enjoyed my time at this internship and if someone is reading this in the future and thinking about doing PR, I can really recommend to have it at Macias PR.



Christmas Season in New York

Holiday markets, lovely decorated store windows, fairy lights, and Christmas music – New York is already in Christmas mode. New York has definitely a lot to offer when it comes to the Christmas season – From ice skating in Central Park, Bryant Park or in front of the Rockefeller Center to the daily and unique light show at Saks on 5th Avenue. From my point of view, the famous Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center is definitely a highlight, especially during the night.

There are only 16 days left until Christmas Eve and 2 weeks of the IIB program….and still sooo many things to discover!

Exploring New York City

Ever since we moved here we have tried to visit new places and see as much as possible every weekend. I really feel it´s important to seize every moment and day here because there is so many things to both see and do in this city. However, one of my favorite days here were one of our first weekends when we began with exploring Brooklyn and after that walked over the Brooklyn bridge. Then we continued walking through Manhattan, we walked through China Town, Little Italy, Soho and some other nice areas. This is actually really interesting because you can just walk around and then suddenly you will notice how everything looks so different and you realize that you just stepped into another area, it is like the vibe and everything changes and I really like that about the city, there is a place for everyone.


Sunday Stroll in Central Park

I spent last Sunday in Central Park to watch all the amazing colors on the trees. I really love spending tim there, its a nice break from the fast paced environment here in NYC. The fall here is so beautiful and the weather is nice most of the days!

Me, Felicia and Maddy from Switzerland (our friend we met in New Paltz) walked through the park for hours. It’s really amazing. It’s so crazy to see all the places that you’ve only seen in movies before.

I really enjoy my time here and it’s so much to explore every day. Every weekend are we walking the whole day just to see everything. It’s my number 1 advice for everyone who is traveling here: put on comfortable shoes and walk to your destination. You will for sure make many stops on the way and find new places.



Adventure trips & breath-taking nature

Hi everyone,

I can’t believe that there are only a few days left here in New Paltz. This week, Felicia, Diana and me will move from the tiny, cozy and idyllically situated New Paltz to one of the biggest and most dynamic metropolitan cities in the world. Oh, what a contrast!

New Paltz is surrounded by wonderful nature and provides space for a wide range of fun-making outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, tubing, and riding. Nature lovers and adventurists get definitely their money’s worth! I booked two trips organized by the wellness and recovering center. This is probably the easiest and cheapest way to experience these activities: Book a trip for around 20 bucks, come to the meeting point, and just have fun!

So at first, I did a tubing trip. Honestly, I wasn’t really aware of what tubing is when I have signed up. But I can tell that it was definitely one of the most spectacular things I have ever done – nothing for weak nerves or people who are scared about falling into cold water. For everyone who does not know what tubing is, it is comparable to wild water rafting, however, everyone is sitting in their own tube. Maybe you can imagine that a tube is way shakier than an ordinary inflatable.

For the next time, I would recommend investing some money to rent a helmet which was not included in the price and not explicitly communicated by the instructors.



The second trip, a friend from Switzerland and me signed up for was a horseback riding excursion. The trip was advertised as a trip for beginners. Therefore, I was aware that it will be just a cozy trip. After a short riding session, we had some free time to explore the wonderful nature of the Mohonk preserve as well as the Mohonk Mountain House which is an old, famous and iconic hotel in this area. That was definitely a fantastic day and a great excursion to recommend.


Now, it is time to pack our suitcases. The next advantage is waiting for us!

All the best,




Hi there everyone,

My name is Felicia and I am currently studying the IIB program together with Diana who just did the last post and then our German friend Anna, so there are just the three of us this semester which Diana mentioned earlier. New Paltz is so far so good, or I would rather say that I love the place, this has definitely been two of the best months in my life. I have met so amazing people here, made many new friends around the world, and I have experienced a lot during my time here. Moving from Sweden to do this was a decision I will never regret, so I recommend everyone who is ever thinking about doing something similar, to definitely do it. New Paltz is such a beautiful small town and the IIB program is absolutely something special, because you´ll not just have the experience of studying at college, you will also have the opportunity to live and do an internship in New York.

Diana talked about our time here in general and I couldn’t have described it better. So I will instead write about our trip to Boston which was a few days ago because this trip is something they do every semester, and I really recommend everyone to go because you will both get to know more people and experience another city.

We stayed in Boston for three days. We went from New Paltz with bus and it took us around four hours, with a one-hour stop, to get to Boston. When we arrived we had the whole afternoon free such as the next upcoming days, or there was an optional freedom trail tour you could sign up for on the last day, but me and Anna chose to explore the city on our own during that time.

Boston is a beautiful city with old buildings and amazing architecture, it almost feels like you´re in NYC but without the stressful environment and without the same amount of skyscrapers.




As you can see, we visited Harvard which was such an amazing experience, I´ll let the pictures speak for themselves, Boston is a beautiful city and I am so happy that I went on that trip.

So now the next adventure will be on Friday next week, when we move to Manhattan to start our internship, I´m so looking forward to it.


Life in New Paltz

Hi everyone,

It’s only one week left for us here, and the time really flew by! This fall semester we are three students that are attending the IIB program at SUNY New Paltz. I am from Sweden, Felicia is also from Sweden and then we have Anna from Germany. 

The weeks here have been so much fun and a little bit stressful. I am not used to study more than one course at the time so this has been a real experience. I didn’t have any experience in business courses before I arrived here since I’m studying a bachelor degree in sociology and rhetoric at home. So I was a little nervous about that before, that it would be to intense. But all the professors are so kind here. They help you all the way and have a full understanding for your background. So if anyone who reads this have any doubts I can really recommend it, just apply! 

Besides our studies in different courses we are preparing for our upcoming internships in NYC. We had weekly meetings with a woman named Jackie and she helped us with our resumes and cover letters. That was really helpful and she is so kind. We also have weekly classes together with Jeff were we cover different topics about American business, and also individual meetings to discuss and apply for internships. I really appreciate all of this, cause it’s hard in the beginning and you don’t know where to start. 

Before I arrived here I was looking forward so much to meet new people from all over the world and build new friendships. And I have to say that even though we are three students at this program this semester we have really found new friends. It’s almost like the other international students is our NP family. I’m so grateful for that!



So next week we will be moving to Webster apartments in Midtown, Manhattan. I am so excited! And I will write a post about my life there, it will for sure be different from the life here in New Paltz.



Working day in New York

Morning coffee and New York Times

Hi Everyone,

I have had the opportunity to do my internship at Institute for Personal Leadership. This is an organization that brings leadership development and culture change to organizations globally. My days include business development, collecting data, marketing, meetings, education and so much more. The insight and knowledge I have learned have been great and I feel that I can bring so much with me from this experience, no matter what I do in the future.

The office is in a shared workspace (WeWork Grand Central) and it is an American company that provides shared workspaces, technology startup subculture communities, and services for entrepreneurs, freelancers, small businesses and large enterprises. You get the chance to meet many people from all kinds of fields, cultures, and personalities. You can talk to each other and at the same time get free beer, water, coffee, tea or attend events.

I’m at the end of this opportunity now and I will soon go back to Sweden and this experience has been amazing. I have developed myself personally and my knowledge has increased a lot. We are living in a global world and with the digital transformation, we can communicate with people around the world all the time. But to see something from the inside and go deeper to learn more about the business, culture, language, country, and people are so much more rewarding. It is something very special!

All the best,

Unanticipated expertise

Hi all,

My last few weeks have been a little bit busy with starting the internship and trying to adapt to the New York City life.  That’s why I’ve been AWOL for so long. The City life has been amazing so far, very different from living in New Paltz.

I got offered an internship with The Jewish Museum in the communications department. Now if you are working in a museum, you would think that you would acquire a lot of art knowledge in the process, wouldn’t you? Well, I have actually. Not only did I learn a lot about artists, art movements and exhibitions, but also I learned how to make press releases, social media content, Google Analytics and AdWords, and so much more.  I am so thankful to all my supervisors here who have had the patience to take the time and teach me how the communications field works in a museum’s market.

I also acquired a specific knowledge that I never would have expected and I think it is worth mentioning. The Jewish Museum has recently opened for the public a new exhibition called Chaim Soutine: Flesh. The name describes this exhibition perfectly as it features 32 of Soutine’s remarkable paintings depicting hanging fowl, beef carcasses, and rayfish.  Down below I’m posting some paintings that are now on view on this exhibition.

Chaim Soutine, Still Life with Rayfish, c. 1924, oil on canvas.


Chaim Soutine, Chicken Hung Before a Brick Wall, 1925, oil on canvas.


Chaim Soutine, Carcass of Beef, c. 1925, oil on canvas.

Therefore, after working with the museum team on this exhibition, I can officially say that I’m now an expert on noticing the difference between a dead chicken, fowl, turkey or rayfish. Also, I have mastered the art of specifying the different cuts of meat when they are presented right in front of me,  and that my friends is saying a lot as an Argentinian woman who is very used to eating meat back home.  I may have had a great meat craving once this exhibition started…

It was a pleasure to be given the opportunity to write in this blog about my experiences  during this incredible IIB Program. Unfortunately, our time is almost over but it makes me look back and reflect on everything that we have lived so far and realize how blessed we are.  As the genius Dr. Seuss once said: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” I’m now going to leave the opportunity for the next generation of IIB students to be able to write about this remarkable experience that awaits them.