The Graduate School Strategic Plan has been approved

Dear Campus Community:

We are pleased to inform you that Provost Philip Mauceri approved The Graduate School Strategic Plan last semester. Our task, therefore, is to now implement the plan. In early spring, the Graduate School Strategic Plan Implementation Committee was formed.  To ensure continuity in planning and to promote efficiency, we invited a number of individuals from the Graduate School Strategic Planning Steering Committee to serve on this newly-created implementation committee.

Members of the Graduate School Strategic Plan Implementation Committee are:

Chair, Laurel M. Garrick Duhaney, Associate Provost & Dean of the Graduate School

David Basch, Creative Strategy Coach
David Cavallaro, Associate Chair, School of Fine & Performing Arts
Aaron Isabelle, Associate Professor, Elementary Education
Michael Rosenberg, Dean, School of Education
Vika Shock, Director of Graduate Admissions, Graduate School
Beth Thomas, Assistant Professor/Interim Director, Art Education
Chih-Yang Tsai, Interim Dean, School of Business
Stella Turk, Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Helise Winters, Dean, Extended Learning


The Committee’s tripartite charge is:

  • Developing a comprehensive and efficient approach to implement the Strategic Plan,
  • Refining metrics and benchmarks for systematically reviewing progress toward achieving the Plan’s goals and strategic initiatives, and
  • Reviewing and recommending policies, procedures, resources, etc., for advancing the goals and priorities of the Plan.


We desire input from the campus community and strongly urge you to participate in one of several meetings that will be held in the coming months. We also invite you to email us your comments on any aspects of the plans goals and initiatives.
Follow this link to download the approved The Graduate School Strategic Plan.
Please email us your comments at

Best Regards,

Laurel M. Garrick Duhaney
Chair, Graduate School Strategic Plan Implementation Committee

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