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For Administrators:

What is edTPA?

edTPA is a subject area-specific, performance-based assessment for pre-service teacher candidates that is centered on student learning. Please view this video for a succinct overview:


How does edTPA impact classrooms?

Student teachers will perform the same duties and complete similar assignments as before with the addition of an Instruction Task, which involves 15 or 20 minutes of video of teaching and learning in the classroom.

Will all schools allow videotaping?

The Board of Regents requires all school systems to allow student teachers to videotape a classroom for the purpose of meeting the requirements of teacher certification, but the videotapes made for this purpose will be kept as confidential records. Here’s a link to the Commissioner’s memo on the matter.

What if the classroom contains students who may not be filmed?

The classroom and filming angle may be set up to exclude students, such as those in witness protection programs or with religious objections, from the video without excluding them from instruction.

What about the confidentiality and security of edTPA materials?

Policies are in place to ensure the confidentiality and security of edTPA candidate materials and assessment data, including access to and use of video recordings. Pearson and Stanford University have prepared the document, Confidentiality and Security of edTPA Field Test Materials and Assessment Data to outline comprehensive policies for candidates, faculty, and Pearson employees.

What are people saying about edTPA?

Be sure to read the memo from Commissioner John B. King, Jr. in support of edTPA.

After more than 40 years as a classroom teacher, administrator and teacher educator, Etta Hollins, the Kauffman Endowed Chair for Urban Teacher Education, gives a strong endorsement for edTPA.

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