Cooperating Teachers

How will edTPA affect my classroom?

Starting in Spring 2014, student teachers will be completing an edTPA portfolio in their first placements of Student Teaching. In addition to the same duties and assignments as before, student teachers will also complete an Instruction Task, which involves 15 or 20 minutes of video of teaching and learning in the classroom.

How will student teachers get permission to videotape in my classroom?

Student teachers will obtain your students’ written consent with a release form before recording in the classroom. This will be provided to students to take home for parent or guardian signatures in the first week of Student Teaching. Here’s a sample of what they’ll receive.

What will we do with students who do not give video consent?

All students will receive the same instruction during Student Teaching, the only difference being that those who do not return a release form will be placed in seats out of view from the Instruction Task video.

When will videotaping begin?

Student teachers will be required to videotape 3 to 5 lessons showing their instruction and student learning. This will typically occur in the fourth week of their first Student Teaching placement.

What resources are available to me?

In partnership with the SUNY New Paltz edTPA Design Team, the Mid-Hudson Teacher Center will put an edTPA Coordinating Teacher training free of charge on My Learning Teachers will be able to bring these certificates of completion to their own districts for possible Professional Development credit.


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