When will edTPA be available?

edTPA will be available in Fall 2013, but SUNY New Paltz candidates will be required to submit an edTPA portfolio starting in Spring 2014.

How is edTPA constructed and used?

Evidence of a candidate’s ability to teach is drawn from a subject-specific learning segment of 3-5 lessons from a unit of instruction taught to one class of students. Materials assessed as part of the edTPA process include video clips of instruction, lesson plans, student work samples, analysis of student learning, and reflective commentaries. Based on the submitted evidence, which is reviewed by trained scorers, faculty and candidates can discuss the impact of candidates’ teaching performance on student learning and determine ways to improve teaching.

How will edTPA be completed?

Candidates will be trained to complete the required tasks for the edTPA portfolio throughout their program of study. Certain assignments in all courses will be assessed by faculty and some of your peers using edTPA rubrics. These rubrics are available in your program handbook, which you can access when you start your program. (See our edTPA Candidate Community site on Blackboard). You will complete your edTPA portfolio in Placement 1 of your Student Teaching semester.

There five tasks you will complete in the portfolio: Planning, Instruction, Assessment,  Analysis, and Academic Language. You will design a 3 to 5 lesson unit of instruction based on the needs of your students in your first placement and on your knowledge, skills, and dispositions for teaching. You will receive feedback from your supervisor prior to submitting your portfolio. Your cooperating teacher will also be able to give you support as well.

To submit, you will schedule an “upload window” with Pearson Learning; Pearson will have a trained evaluator apply edTPA rubrics – the same ones you’ve been working with since you entered your program – to determine if you are ready to be recommended to NYSED for certification.  If you are deficient in any task area, you will have time before your first placement ends to make improvements and re-submit that piece of your portfolio.

How will the video clips submitted with a portfolio be structured?

Candidates don’t have to spend time editing the video and are required to submit 1 or 2 unedited video clips that total 15 minutes for Elementary Education and 20 minutes for Secondary Education majors. It is essential that the audio in the clip be of high quality and clarity. Both the candidate’s work and his or her students’ learning should be represented in the video. Be sure to check the guidelines for video confidentiality first, and then have a look at a sample permission form for the students’ parents.

How do I prepare for edTPA?

edTPA Candidate Community site on Blackboard:

The SUNY New Paltz edTPA Coordinator has created the edTPA Candidate Community site on Blackboard to help prepare candidates for the edTPA and to support your knowledge about the handbooks, tasks, assessments, and academic language involved.

edTPA Study Halls: 

The SUNY New Paltz edTPA Design Team is also providing edTPA Study Halls to candidates graduating in Spring 2014. This ten-week instruction is free and will cover the fundamentals of understanding your edTPA Handbook, Academic Language, Technology of the edTPA, and Tasks 1-4.

Four sections of the same class will be given each week in the Curriculum Materials Center in room OM 215: Tuesdays at 3:30 or 4:30 or Thursdays at 3:30 or 4:30. Walk-in hours for questions are from 3:00-3:30 & 5:15-6:00 on both Tuesdays and Thursdays. Be sure to attend at least one class per week.


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