Seminar Standouts

In his senior English seminar, entitled, “Skins, Paper, Screens,” Associate Professor Cyrus Mulready invited students to view books as material objects and explore the ways in which a book’s design, or use in everyday life, might add new dimensions to its textual reading.

Passion Fruit

The Digital Media Production major marries the technical and aesthetic concerns of filmmaking with a Liberal Arts focus on research, creative problem solving and storytelling. Digital Filmmaking, the major’s capstone course, asks students to create two high-quality finished projects, a short narrative or music video and a documentary, which form the foundation of students’ professional …

Crazy for Camus

Sisyphus, the mythological boulder-lifter synonymous with futility, might seem an unlikely hero for the bright-eyed Philosophy major Rachel Silverbloom. But in contemplating the figure through the lens of Albert Camus’s philosophical essays, she has found a sense of intellectual purpose and an uncompromising, personal vision.