LA&S Faculty Receive Provost Awards

This spring, LA&S faculty members earned three Provost Awards for Faculty Excellence for their outstanding achievements in fulfilling New Paltz’s educational mission.

Associate Professor of History Hamilton Stapell earned the Provost Award for Teaching Excellence; Eve Waltermaurer, Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of Research and Evaluation at the Center for Research, Regional Engagement and Outreach (CRREO), earned the Provost Award for Excellence in Scholarly/Creative Activity; and Assistant Professor of Psychology Navin Viswanathan earned the Outstanding Pre-Tenure Faculty Award.

In recognition of their accomplishments, Stapell, Waltermaurer and Viswanathan received a $500 cash award and plaque. In the fall, they will be invited to give a presentation to the college community on the accomplishments that led to their award.

 – Despina Williams