Associate Professor Discusses Research on The Academic Minute

Eve Waltermaurer, associate professor (Sociology) and director of research and evaluation (CRREO) at SUNY New Paltz, was recently featured on the nationally syndicated educational radio program “The Academic Minute,” speaking about her research on the intersection of criminology and public health.


Eve Waltermaurer

In her audio essay, which was broadcast Wednesday, Dec. 3, Waltermaurer explains that the close proximity of the prison environment can increase the behaviors that lead to transmission risk.

“With the fields of criminology and public health figuratively and literally housed separately in academia, the extraordinary connection between these two fields can easily be missed when, in fact, involvement with crime, as a perpetrator, victim, or officer, can independently put an individual at greater risk of poorer health,” Waltermaurer said.

She added, “While its name is long enough to make you fall asleep before the final syllable, epidemiological criminology, or the study of the intersection between crime and public health, has already been field tested to successfully improve our understanding in both fields.”

Waltermaurer holds a Ph.D. in epidemiology, with a concentration in criminology from the University at Albany. She has conducted research on violence and youth risk behaviors among other topics for the past 20 years. She is the lead editor of Epidemiological Criminology: Theory to Practice, published by Taylor & Francis, May 2013.

To hear Waltermaurer’s “Academic Minute” piece or read a transcript, click here.

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