Free Hearing Test for Students, Faculty & Staff

DSC03877Hearing loss is a very common problem that can significantly affect an individual’s ability to communicate. The Speech Language and Hearing Center (SLHC) here on campus provides full audiological evaluations at no cost for students, faculty and staff.  The evaluation takes approximately one hour and will be performed by a nationally and state certified audiologist. If you are interested, please call 257-3600 to make an appointment.

Statistics on Hearing Loss:

  • About 20 percent of adults in the United States, 48 million, report some degree of hearing loss.
  • 60 percent of the people with hearing loss are either in the work force or in educational settings.
  • At age 65, one out of three people has a hearing loss.
  • About 2-3 of every 1,000 children are hard of hearing or deaf
  • Estimated that 30 school children per 1,000 have a hearing loss.

Source: John Hopkins Medicine

Deaf Awareness Week – ASL Movie Night April 9, 2014

GeraldsmDeaf Awareness Week  – ASL Movie Night Wednesday, April 9

This film is rated PG-13 and is being shown for free. It is presented in sign language and closed-captioned for the hearing.

When: 6:30-8:30pm

Where: SUNY New Paltz Lecture Center Room 100 (LC100)

Please join us for this important and moving film. The story traces the journey of a young man, Corey, who discovers he has a deaf autistic grandfather he has never met. Determined to make a connection with his grandfather, Corey uncovers family ties and secrets in a dramatic chain of events, leading to a shocking truth.

Sponsored by: Mid-Hudson Deaf Awareness Group, Communication Disorders Department, Sociology Dept. – Human Services Concentration, and Taconic Resources for Independence, Inc. CAS

Journalism Alum Writes Book Inspired by Life as an Undergrad

Andrew Austin

Andrew Austin

Andrew Austin, Journalism ’90, has self-published an ebook entitled, The Brief Season: Stories of College, Friendship, and Medieval Re-enacting, about his adventures as a New Paltz student.

The book’s protagonist meets the members of the fencing and medieval recreation clubs of the State University of New York at New Paltz, and with them he embarks on an emotional journey to learn friendship, confidence, and family. He sword fights, goes streaking, rides a roller coaster, does a whippet, watches the sun rise for the first time, leaves the greatest phone message of his life, and gets roadside assistance from a clown. Through it all he encounters a colorful parade of characters, some eccentric, some charismatic, some loud and some quiet, and all of them good friends who leave a lasting impression on him as he grows into an adult. But finally, far sooner than he wished, the time comes when he has to let go and move on.

Austin was born in 1965 in western upstate New York and served a two-year tour in the Army before graduating from New Paltz. He hopes to make a full-time living writing books and screenplays and appearing occasionally in movies and commercials.

LA&S Staff Attends Workshop on Interdisciplinary Programs


Photo by Morgan Gwenwald, SUNY New Paltz outreach librarian, who attended on behalf of the library and WGSS.

The SUNY Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion hosted a day long workshop on March 7 called “Interdisciplinary Programs as a Pathway to Diversity on SUNY Campuses.” Local organizers were Tanhena Pacheco Dunn (Campus Diversity and Title IX Officer) and Kathleen Dowley (Coordinator of the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program).  Also present from New Paltz were WGSS/History Assistant Professor Meg Devlin O’Sullivan and History Professor and Provost’s Fellow for Interdisciplinary Programs, Lee Bernstein.  The rest of the group included faculty from interdisciplinary women’s and ethnic studies programs at other SUNY campuses (Cortland, Potsdam, Oswego and Oneonta).


Student Organization Teams with P&G’s on March 12 to Support Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Are you planning lunch or dinner out soon? The SUNY New Paltz chapter of the National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association (NSSLHA) is teaming up with P&G’s on Main Street in New Paltz on Wednesday, March 12 to raise money for the AAC Institute, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting effective communication for people who rely on augmentative and alternative communication.

P and G_sFundraiserflier

Print the coupon image above, present it after your meal on March 12, and P&G’s will donate 20% of the bill to the AAC Institute. Printed coupons are also available in the Communication Disorders department in HUM 14A.

Each semester the SUNY New Paltz chapter of NSSLHA devotes time and energy to raising awareness about a specific area within the field of Communication Disorders, and to raising money for a non-profit specializing in that area. When asked why they chose Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC), Caitlin Ward of the NSSLHA chapter had this to say:

“Our chapter chose to focus on Alternative and Augmentative Communication as the theme of the semester, because AAC is a rapidly developing area in our field, but it’s not something that we as undergraduates have much exposure to. We chose to help fundraise for the AAC Institute because their organization provides SLPs and AAC users & families of users with a number of great resources. They offer SLPs online CEU’s at no charge, and their website features a parent support group and blogs by AAC users. We hoped that by selecting AAC and the AAC Institute, the members of our NSSLHA chapter would have the opportunity to gain some familiarity with AAC. One of the NSSLHA mission statements is to help provide resources to prepare students to become professionals, and we feel that this theme and the events for it throughout the semester will be an invaluable resource for those involved.”

For more information:

New Paltz Sociology Student Receives SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence

Deborah Walnicki, a Sociology student with a Concentration in Human Services and a minor in Spanish, had been named a 2014 recipient of the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence.  Deborah is an alumna of the AmeriCorps City Year program, having served in East Harlem, NY.  She was subsequently named City Year Recruitment Ambassador at SUNY New Paltz in City Year’s first campus recruitment pilot program.  The success of this pilot led to this becoming a model for nationwide recruitment.  Deborah Walnacki

A member of the Honors Program since Fall 2010, Deborah was the recipient of the Cetrino Family Scholarship in 2013.  During 2013 Deborah worked as research assistant to sociology professor Dr. Eve Waltermauer at the Center for Research, Regional Education and Outreach (CRREO) developing the Community Health Assessment and the Community Health Improvement Plan, commissioned by the Ulster County Departments of Health and Mental Health.  Deborah has also found time to study abroad in Guayaquil, Ecuador where she interned at a Global Education Project, Fundacion Crecer.   Deborah has taken her talents beyond the campus and has played an active role in the local community.  She is currently working with the Greater New Paltz Community Partnership, offering yoga classes to high school students as part of their “stress busters” initiative.  As part of a human services internship, she is also working with community member, Amy Frisch, launching a “Girls on the Run” program (a girls’ empowerment program) for the first time in New Paltz. 

On campus Deborah is a certified yoga instructor, is president of the Yoga Club, and has been a volunteer at Oasis/Haven.  As a significant contributor to the Concentration in Human Services, Deborah’s other internships include Riverhaven Youth Shelter in Poughkeepsie, Ulster County Department of Social Services Children’s Services Division, and Parsons Child and Family Center in Albany.  She has also worked as a job coach at the Northeastern Association for the Blind in Albany.  This summer she plans to study abroad with the International Social Welfare program to Denmark.

Learn More about the SUNY Global Engagement Program

Students of all majors are invited to learn more about international affairs internships in New York City during a presentation on the SUNY Global Engagement Program.  The event will be held Monday, Feb. 24 from 6:30-7:30 p.m. in the Honors Center.

The SUNY Global Engagement Program in New York City provides students with the opportunity to spend a semester immersed in international affairs in the world’s most important global city. Enrolled students intern with one of many international organizations, and an integrated class and research program provides a full semester’s worth of credits and a truly unique educational experience.

“Our goal at the GEP is to have students work in an environment where they will be truly challenged, but also one for which they have the talent and ability to contribute to the real needs of the organization for which they are working,” said SUNY Global Engagement Program Director Ş. İlgü Özler. “The organizations involved in the inaugural year of the Global Engagement Program provided a high quality experience for the students, and in turn, the GEP interns made meaningful contributions to the important work of these organizations.”

Past SUNY Global Engagement Program participants will be answering students’ questions about their internships and experiences in New York City. “Several students describe their experience in the Global Engagement Program as personally, professionally and intellectually transformative. I look forward to a new cohort of GEP participants, and I invite all interested students to with an interest in global affairs to apply for next fall’s program,” said Özler.

Free pizza will be provided.

For more information about the SUNY Global Engagement Program, visit

Graduate School Open House

The SUNY New Paltz Graduate School will host an Open House on Tuesday, Feb. 25 from 5:30-7 p.m. in the Student Union Building Multi-purpose Room.

Representatives from every graduate program will be available to discuss applications, deadlines, degree requirements, financial aid, job prospects and more.

For more information, email or call 845-257-3285.

Ph.D. Candidate Gives Talk on Digital Scholarship in the Humanities

How are digital technologies changing the ways scholars in the humanities conduct and publish research? What does digital scholarship in the humanities look like, and what should it do?

Lindsay Thomas (Ph.D. Candidate, UC-Santa Barbara) will explore these issues in a presentation entitled, “What the (Digital) Humanities Do: Interdisciplinary Forms of Digital Scholarship,” on Thursday, Feb. 6 at 4 p.m. in JFT 1010.

Thomas will examine both digital projects and projects about digital technologies, covering a range of topics including database design, data visualization and national security. At stake is the value and authority of humanistic knowledge in today’s digital world.

Global Engagement Program Students Share Experiences in NYC

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and School of Business students participated this fall in the inaugural semester of the SUNY Global Engagement Program (GEP) in New York City.  The ten SUNY New Paltz students and two students from Cortland and Buffalo immersed themselves in international affairs through a seminar and globally engaged internships in New York City.

The Global Engagement seminar explores the role of global civil society in international relations.  The seminar addresses the impact of global civic organizations on human rights, humanitarian affairs, environmental issues, women’s issues, poverty and inequality. Seminar discussions thus give the students social scientific tools to understand their experience on the ground.

Students also participate in a three-credit research colloquium in which they develop, write and present a full-length paper about their internship topic; the students’ research thus enhances their substantive knowledge of their internship missions.

In Their Own WordsGEP Student Internship Experiences


Nadine Ahrabi-Nejad

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international medical humanitarian aid organization that provides independent, impartial assistance in more than 60 countries to people whose survival is threatened by violence, neglect, or catastrophe, primarily due to armed conflict, epidemics, malnutrition, exclusion from health care, or natural disasters.  MSF was created in Paris in 1971 by a group of doctors and journalists; MSF-USA was created in 1990 in New York City, and was the first office to open outside of Europe.  As a marketing intern at MSF, I work closely with the Direct Marketing Associate for Creative and Production on a variety of marketing tactics aimed at reaching donors all across the United States.  I assist in direct mail activities, email marketing, and logistical work behind fundraising events.  I am also responsible for tracking donor giving behavior, as well as conducting analysis of industry marketing materials and trends via ROI software.  As an intern I am learning how an organization maintains donor relations, markets itself to donors and the public, and the general activities of a Development department.


Kate Boehler

I am an Accounting/Bookkeeping intern at The Adventure Project. TAP is a start-up nonprofit designed to “add venture” to support entrepreneurs in developing countries. It brings together people determined to create jobs in developing countries and works on issues related to health, water, environment and hunger.  In 2012, TAP’s effort impacted over 500,000 people around the world.  I am responsible for entering all donations, purchases, and bank transfers into the accounting software program each week. I assisted in creating the Annual Report by presenting the accounting of the organization to public.  I translated our accounting in to presentable charts so that the public/donors can understand where the organization’s money was spent.  I also have to send tax receipts to donors for their donations.  I meet with a CPA a couple times each month to make sure that everything is accurate, but this is a very independent position.


Gregory Blitstein (on left)

I work as an Events Department intern at the Foreign Policy Association. The FPA was started in 1918 to spread awareness of global affairs and to encourage citizen participation in foreign policy. I work with the events coordinator and the assistant to the president in planning different conferences, task forces and other events held throughout the year. In September, the Foreign Policy Association hosted its annual World Leadership Forum, where prominent figures from governments, fortune 500 companies, and international organizations come together to address various issues regarding foreign policy, economics, and other current events and pressing issues in the world. Task Forces are shorter events designed to spread awareness of growing issues that affect the world. We are currently planning two Task Forces; Climate Change and Global Conflict that will be held in November in New York City.


Alexander Elmasri

For the fall 2013 semester, I am interning with the Program Department at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). CGI is an initiative of the Clinton Foundation that convenes global leaders to create and implement innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.  My responsibilities include helping the department develop the content for all of the CGI meetings. Included in this process is creating the meeting schedules, format and session topics, as well as the selection and recruitment of moderators and panelists. As a program intern, I am also responsible with aiding the department in support of the day-to-day management of all program related matters. My internship experience has been very exhilarating and I have learned a lot about the logistics of managing how such major events as the CGI Annual Meeting occur. I have also been able to obtain a better understanding of how an international nongovernmental organization and foundation operates on both a day-to-day basis and the broader picture of their overall impact throughout the world.


Monica Farrel (on right)

I am an Executive Office intern for the Foreign Policy Association in New York. My work here is focused on education, event planning and social media management. The FPA publishes a yearly magazine entitled Great Decisions, which aims to educate Americans about eight pressing foreign policy issues of the year. The Foreign Policy Association holds various events throughout the year that are focused upon the topics of Great Decisions. I work to design the topics of discussion for the lectures, locate venues and panelists for these events, and advertise these events to FPA members and students. Every year the FPA holds a Great Decisions Teachers Training Institute to help promote education about foreign policy in high schools across the nation. My job is to maintain contact with the teachers of the institute and provide resources for them to educate their students.


Ricardo A. Hernandez Jr.

I am a communications intern at the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC), an organization dedicated to ending discrimination or abuse on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. I currently work to create multimedia for the organization using video editing software. Materials are available through the organization’s website and Youtube channel. I also write press releases and media advisories about upcoming projects, studies and events for the organization. In addition to the above, I establish relationships with reporters. I monitor IGLHRC in the news, and research LGBT human rights violations in selected regions. I also plan to write editorials about special topics concerning LGBT human rights violations. I have witnessed history in the making when ten member states, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, and members of the LGBT Core Group at the United Nations held an unprecedented meeting to address violence and discrimination against LGBT people around the world. I will also help to host activism events throughout the semester.


Christiana Nicolaou

The Global Engagement Program class, along with my internship, has truly enriched my learning experience. The combination of the research colloquium, the internship class, and my internship responsibilities has created a supportive learning environment. The resources given to me by this program will allow me to thrive and continue on to achieve my future career goals.

I am interning at the New York City Mayor’s Office for International Affairs, in the Division for International Business. The Division for International Business aids foreign companies in establishing operations in New York City. My responsibilities at the Mayor’s Office are of greater substantive value, as I am able to observe companies launch and flourish in one of the most competitive cities in the world and ultimately understand the obstacles and opportunities in conducting business globally.


Caitlin O’Donnell

This semester, I am interning with the Global Legal Program at the Center For Reproductive Rights in Manhattan. This non-governmental organization is a global legal advocacy organization dedicated to expanding reproductive freedom for women around the world. The Center works to expand access to quality, safe, and affordable reproductive health care; which includes access to contraceptives, safe and legal abortion, prenatal and obstetric care and unbiased information. As an intern, I support the work of the Global Legal Program’s team of legal advisors, fellows, program associates, and legal assistants. My projects range from doing research and fact checking world abortion laws to creating and organizing databases for communication and outreach purposes. Additionally, I am also able to attend both Center wide staff meetings and meetings for the Global Legal Program specifically. This is a great way to keep informed about the array of projects going on throughout the Center.


Cecilia Stein

For the Fall 2013 semester I am working as an intern at the Clerk’s Office at the United States Court of International Trade.  The Court of International Trade was established in 1980 and oversees all legal controversies arising out of international trade policy in the United States. As an intern in the Clerk’s Office I am working on several projects with the Court’s Advisory committee on the rules, the law library court archives, and preparing for an investiture ceremony for two new judges who were recently appointed the court. Through these tasks I am gaining experience in preparing memos as well as becoming acquainted with different tools for legal research.  I also have the opportunity to attend court hearings and meet one on one with judges to gain insight on how the work of the Court impacts the globalized economy.


Keith Uffer

I currently am an intern with the United Nations Association of the United States of America Southern NYS Division. The UNA-USA is an association dedicated to building understanding of the UN and supports the ideals and vital work of the UN among the American people. They do this by their education and advocacy programs which stress the importance of nations working together and the need for U.S. leadership at the UN.

I have several responsibilities.  The first responsibility I have just completed involved organizing and judging a video contest in which middle school students and high school students make videos based on the world they want.  My second responsibility involves expanding our outreach over the social network.  This involves using twitter and Facebook.  My third responsibility is helping to plan and coordinate major events such as the Post-2015 Agenda Event, the Human Rights Day Event, and the Mid-Atlantic Conference.  The final and most important task I have is to create a chapter in the Mid-Hudson Valley.  I want SUNY New Paltz to have an active role in forming this new chapter as the ideals of the UN are so vital to our community, country and our world.


Jennifer Vanriper

As part of the SUNY Global Engagement Program, I work at the Humpty Dumpty Institute, an NGO dedicated to “putting the pieces back together.” The HDI was formed after its founders traveled around the world, witnessing firsthand UN peacekeeping operations in places like post-genocide Rwanda, and decided to take action. Today, the organization runs both diplomatic and large-scale humanitarian projects around the world. These include strengthening US-UN relations, removing land mines for post-conflict areas, and promoting healthcare and food security in developing nations.

The department I work with is the Higher Education Alliance, an initiative that connects institutions of higher learning with organizations within the UN in order to raise awareness about the issues which currently face the global community. To do this, we arrange for UN speakers to travel to colleges and universities across the country, lead discussions, and answer questions from students and the public. Topics this year include Peace and Security, Human Rights, Sustainable Development, and the Post-2015 Development Agenda. My responsibilities range widely, and I have been tasked with putting together contact information and calendars, publicity, and social media. Being a part of the organization has given me valuable insight into the efforts being made to address urgent global issues, as well as the work that goes into organizing and holding large events.