Off-Broadway ‘The Rap Guide to Religion’ Comes to New Paltz

religion-web-04The New Paltz Evolutionary Studies Program (EvoS) is pleased to host a free performance by renowned performance artist and rapper Baba Brinkman on Tuesday, Nov. 4 from 5:30-7 p.m. in Lecture Center 102. Brinkman will perform his new off-broadway show, The Rap Guide to Religion, which explores the nature of religion from a largely scientific perspective.

The Rap Guide to Religion is a new species of theatre, part hip-hop concert, part stand-up comedy, and part TED Talk, exploring one of the most heated questions of our age: what’s the point of religion? Taking a scientific approach to the question, Brinkman, a Canadian hip-hop artist, performs faith-illuminating songs inspired by the best of evolutionary and cognitive science, with examples from his own family history. (Brinkman’s ultra-religious great-great-great-grandfather sired more than 8,000 descendants). Fresh from a 5-star run at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, this groundbreaking new work explores the various ways and means by which religion evolves in our species, leaving audiences with a new appreciation of religion, and its critics.

Seats for the off-broadway version of this show at the SoHo Playhouse normally go for $45 each. Don’t miss this chance to watch the performance for free at New Paltz.

View the Facebook event page.

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