LA&S Funding for Interdisciplinary Team Teaching

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is pleased to announce support for faculty development and teaching of interdisciplinary and team-taught courses.  To encourage collaborative teaching across the disciplines, LA&S will award two stipends of $2,500 each to two faculty members who will develop an interdisciplinary course in summer 2014 that they will team teach in spring 2015.  It is expected that the course would count for three credits in each of the team teachers’ load for that semester.

Two $300 stipends will also be awarded to two faculty members who will support these team teachers and have been chosen by them to enhance the interdisciplinary nature of the class.

This professional development funding is made possible through the generous support of gifts to the LA&S Dean’s Fund.


  • Two full-time faculty members from different departments should present a description of the course, student learning outcomes, and a provisional list of texts or other learning materials.  At least one faculty member should be from LA&S.
  • The course description should include a rationale for an interdisciplinary approach to the topic, indicating how an interdisciplinary approach will enhance knowledge of the topic and will serve students’ needs.  Please indicate whether this would be a 200-, 300-, or 400- level course.
  • Faculty will be encouraged to adopt appropriate innovative pedagogies or technologies to teach this course, and to make use of institutional resources to support these efforts.
  • Proposals for four-credit courses are preferred.

To apply, faculty should submit the following:

In one to two pages:

  • A course description, as outlined above
  • A brief account of innovative pedagogies or technologies possibly to be adopted
  • The two faculty members’ curriculum vitae

Applications should be sent to the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, JFT 614.  Deadline for applications is May 7, 2014.  Awards will be announced on May 13, 2014.

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