Journalism Alum Writes Book Inspired by Life as an Undergrad

Andrew Austin

Andrew Austin

Andrew Austin, Journalism ’90, has self-published an ebook entitled, The Brief Season: Stories of College, Friendship, and Medieval Re-enacting, about his adventures as a New Paltz student.

The book’s protagonist meets the members of the fencing and medieval recreation clubs of the State University of New York at New Paltz, and with them he embarks on an emotional journey to learn friendship, confidence, and family. He sword fights, goes streaking, rides a roller coaster, does a whippet, watches the sun rise for the first time, leaves the greatest phone message of his life, and gets roadside assistance from a clown. Through it all he encounters a colorful parade of characters, some eccentric, some charismatic, some loud and some quiet, and all of them good friends who leave a lasting impression on him as he grows into an adult. But finally, far sooner than he wished, the time comes when he has to let go and move on.

Austin was born in 1965 in western upstate New York and served a two-year tour in the Army before graduating from New Paltz. He hopes to make a full-time living writing books and screenplays and appearing occasionally in movies and commercials.

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