Department of Black Studies Spring Schedule of Events

A presentation, entitled “Unmasking Selective Memory [and/or Historical Amnesia]:  Images of African American History in the Hudson River Valley in Their Unaltered States,” kicks off an exciting spring roster of events from the Department of Black Studies.

The presentation, held from 7-9:30 p.m. in Lecture Center 102, features introductory remarks by Black Studies Professor A. J. Williams-Myers.  Susan Stessin-Cohn and Ashley Biagini from Historic Hugenot Street will speak on the topic, “Hidden Heritage.”

Anthropology faculty members Joseph Diamond and Ken Nystrom will also present topical research.  Diamond’s presentation is entitled, “Owned in Life, Owned in Death:  The Pine Street African and African-American Burial Ground in Kingston, New York.”  Nystrom’s presentation is entitled, “Dissection of African Americans and the embodiment of inequality in 19th Century United States.”

Other events include:

  • Wednesday, Feb. 12:   5-8 p.m., Lecture Center 100

African Diaspora Film Series Presentation of Better Mus’ Come by Director Storm Saulter

  • Wednesday, Feb. 19:  7-9 p.m., Lecture Center 108

“The New Plantation, New York City and State,” by Assistant Professor Zelbert Moore

  • Wednesday, March 26: 5-8 pm., Lecture Center 108

African Diaspora Film Series Presentation of 70: Remembering a Revolution by Director Alex DeVerteuil

  • Wednesday, April 30: 5-8 p.m., Lecture Center 108

African Diaspora Film Series Presentation of Life and Debt by Director Stephanie Black

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