Great First-Year Writing in Composition Program Publication New Voices, New Visions

On October 9, 2013, The Composition Program hosted a reading celebrating the student authors of New Voices, New Visions. About a dozen students attended, along with several faculty members. Student author Anna Fields opened the event with an excerpt of her profile of her grandmother: “Her body is rounded and shows signs of age. Her skin is porcelain and still delicate despite years of washing dishes and raising a house of five children and a stubborn husband. The wrinkles reveal her veins that map her worn hands.” Other readers included Zoe Papetti, Chevonne McInnis, and Jessica Restivo on topics ranging from education to the virtues and vices of the Internet and technology.

New Voices, New Visions, an annual publication featuring the best writing of our first-year students, was established in 1986 by SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor, Dr. Jan Zlotnik Schmidt. The book has undergone several transformations in its twenty-seven years, beginning as a self-assembled, stapled booklet, then maturing into a professional version produced by our campus Print Shop. The book has also been published by companies including Pearson and Cengage Learning in recent years.

Thanks to Matt Newcomb, Composition Program Coordinator; Rachel Rigolino, Supplemental Writing Workshop Coordinator; and former Graduate Assistant, Ryan McGuckin, this year New Voices, New Visions received a digital makeover.  At all students and faculty have free and immediate access to exemplary papers to refer to as models in their composition courses. The web medium may result in a rolling submission deadline for newly accepted essays between the Fall and Spring semesters.

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