Asian Studies Alumnus Offers Students Career Advice

On October 1st, 2013 New Paltz Asian Studies Alum, Mike Boccio came to campus as part of the returning alumnae speakers series.  Boccio is Vice President, commercial affairs at OSI Group, a strategic partner of McDonad’s Corp. Boccio first met with interested students at the East-West Living Learning Community (Crispell Hall) to provide career advice in an informal setting.  Also providing input were Prof. Sara Hsu (Economics) and Tonda Highley (Career Resources).  Later in the day, Boccio gave a formal talk titled “Perspectives on a Career in Asia.”  The talk, supported by CAS funds, was attended by approximately 80 people.  After providing information on his own path to success and recommendations for how our students can follow suit, faculty and students had the opportunity to ask questions.  At the conclusion of the lecture, Boccio remained to provide one-on-one advice to numerous students who remained to speak with him.

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