Dean of Students appointed as Hurricane Sandy “point person”

We are aware that a number of our students have had their lives impacted by the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy.  The loss and damage experienced by families and friends is traumatic and has interrupted the normal business of attending college for some students. The College wants to be sure that it is doing all it can to provide support and guidance for students struggling to navigate their way through this difficult time.  Letting us know how the storm has impacted you will also better prepare us to deal with incidents such as this in the future.

In an attempt to do this, we are appointing an Ombudsperson to act as the point person to respond to student questions and concerns related to the hurricane and its consequences. Linda Eaton, Dean of Students, will be acting in this capacity and will be available to students who need assistance. For questions or to schedule an appointment, please call her secretary, Lauren, at x3261.