Allocation Request Form for the 2014-15 Fiscal Year


Found here in is the new Allocation Request Form for the 14-15 Fiscal Year.  Many thanks to Budget Goals and Plans for their hard work in making the form more simple to use.  This is a fillable PDF document. We do not yet have it in a workflow-type system.  You will need to save and print or scan to your next level supervisor again this year.  We hope to create a workflow for next year’s cycle.

Attached is the presentation that I made at the Budget Forum last week.  Both of the attached documents are available on in the Budget Information Center section — along with the process timeline and a list of the requests from last year.  Please review any old requests to see if they are still relevant.  If so, please resubmit them using this year’s form.

Keep in mind we are splitting off the requests for one-time funds from this recurring process.  There is a place on the recurring request form where you can link to related one-time asks.  We will begin the one-time process in the Spring when potential reserve balances will be more identifiable.

One important update:  Last week I attended a presentation from the SUNY Budget Office and they confirmed my suspicions that it is very unlikely the university will receive any funding for salary increases.  Therefore, please concentrate on the most important funding requests for your area as the likelihood of having much available funding for new requests is minimal at this point.

If you have any questions about the form or the process, please feel free to reach out to Julie Chiarito or myself and we will do our best to answer them.

Thank you,

Michele Halstead
Vice President for Administration and Finance

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