College to launch new online directory, asks all full-time faculty and professional staff to attend portrait session


Remember to log into after May 1 to update your new profile!


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Dear Colleagues,

This summer, the College will update the look, feel, and function of all faculty/staff listings on the website. This enhanced design will feature professionally taken portraits of all faculty and staff. In keeping with industry standards, the new design will better highlight the great work and expertise of our faculty and staff. See an example of the new system here.

Strategic Benefit


The Office of Communication & Marketing has long recognized the need for a more comprehensive faculty directory (faculty directories are frequently the most-viewed pages on departmental websites). We have been working with the President, Provost and Computer Services to create a system that will best serve our constituents, while being easy to update as to not burden our faculty and staff.

Each category has been strategically chosen to focus attention on our faculty’s academic interests, teaching, research, and relevant career history, while keeping each installment digestible and accessible for all potential audiences.

Why we’re using a professional photographer:

Our public website has far more reach than any other communication tool we use. With an average of 133,000 unique visitors each month, it is critical that the image it reflects is representative of all the things that make New Paltz such a special place.

A key component to this image is you, the people who through impassioned teaching and student engagement make this institution unique. By attaching a consistently professional face to each name on your department’s website, we will help translate that critical component to all visitors, be they prospective students or your future colleagues.

New Content Types

The online directory will update from four sources:

  • NEW Photo Directory: President Christian and Provost Mauceri, in alignment with the draft strategic plan’s focus on external marketing, have requested that all current employees at New Paltz have a professional portrait taken for the website.

    If you are full-time faculty, full-time professional staff or an administrator (MC), please sign up online for your photo shoot today, as time slots will fill up fast. Note: Adjunct faculty, part-time staff, and Administrative Classified Support Staff will be asked to sign up some time in the Fall 2013 semester.

    If you decide not to participate for privacy reasons, the College will post the following image in place of a photo.

  • NEW Content Management System in This newly developed system includes the following additional (optional) items, which will be on a new page dedicated to each individual: Website, Education, Office Hours, Career History, Teaching Interests, Research/Creative Activity, Awards, Honors and Recognition, Publications, and a link to a CV. See timeline below for launch details.
  • Telecommunications Directory: The Telecommunications Dept. will continue to update Name, Title, Department and Email in the directory’s database. Departments will still need to provide this information to Telecom directly.
  • Adjunct/Emeriti Directory: Department secretaries will continue to have exclusive access to their department’s listing of adjuncts and emeriti faculty.

Important message to current full-time faculty: As many of you have biographical information already in place on your department websites, we have made an attempt to import any existing content into the new system. However, not all existing content fits into the new categories, and some of your current information may be lost during conversion.

To avoid losing your current content please log into after May 1, in the “Directory” section under My.Staff Tools. You will be able to access this from anywhere with an internet connection, and we urge you to log in before all content is pushed to the live servers on July 15.





April 22 – May 7 Photos taken – (full-time faculty, staff, administrators, and nursing staff
May 1 Administration Section Opens Information input will not be displayed on live server until 7/15
July 15 New system implemented on live site
Sept. 12 Nov. 30 Photos taken – (adjunct faculty, part-time staff, administrative assistants)

Shooting Locations and Availability

We recognize that everyone is very busy, and that the end of the semester is especially busy for many of you. We assure you that your shoot will take a maximum of 10 minutes, and in an effort to make getting to your shoot as convenient as possible, we’ve set up two locations (SUB and OMB). Please recognize that the college does not have a staff photographer and therefore we have had to arrange for an outside vendor to take these images. We want to make the best use of the vendor’s time while they are here.

Dates and Times

Please visit this website for the dates, times and signup form .

Training Documentation Available May 1

Training documentation will be made available May 1 in conjunction with the new content management system launch.

Looking Ahead

We will attempt to have all full-time faculty, staff, and administrators photographed by May 7. Our long-term plan is to include adjuncts, Administrative Classified Support Staff and part-time professionals during the Fall 2013 semester.

We will also have a photo shoot at the beginning of each academic year in order to include new faculty and staff in the directory.

We are excited about this project, which we view as a major improvement to our website content. We thank you in advance for helping us to reach this important goal.

-Office of Communication & Marketing