On-Campus Services During Hurricane Sandy

Dear Students:

Please read the following information regarding Hurricane Sandy…

Planning and preparation have been taking place and will continue throughout the course of this weather event. For the duration of the storm, the campus will have  residence life, facilities  and emergency personnel on site to respond to your needs.

Your safety and well-being are foremost in our planning and response. Within each residence hall, your RA and RD are your primary point of contact.

Non-perishable food items have been delivered to all Residence Halls in the event on-campus food service is inoperable or weather conditions prevent students from traveling outside of the Residence Hall.

A landline (non-cordless) phone has been put in place within the RA office of each Residence Hall. Should cellular service be interrupted, students will be permitted to make brief phone-calls to contact family members. This phone will be the primary source of contact during an outage, so students will be restricted to a one-two minute conversation.
Expect heavy rains and high winds for the remainder of Monday and Tuesday. For that reason, it is important to make sure your windows are closed and secured Monday evening into Wednesday afternoon.

For the most part, using good common sense is the best approach. In the event of high winds and heavy rain, stay indoors. Blowing debris and unsure footing can be quite dangerous. Should the window in your room shatter as a result of high winds or blowing debris, move to an interior hallway in your residence hall, close your door behind you and contact an RA.

We are discouraging students and visitors from traveling to or from the New Paltz campus on Monday through Wednesday. Possible evacuations or changing storm paths may make travel difficult, if not unsafe.

As necessary, we will be updating the campus via

  • College web home page alerts : www.newpaltz.edu
  • INFOLINE: a message will be recorded on the 257-INFO (4636) hot line
  • All Faculty and Staff and All Student (all-fs/all-stu) announcements sent from ERT or Campus Update via e-mail
  • Posting to official college social media sites: Facebook and Twitter

NP Alert is an emergency alert system used by campus administration and University Police to send text and voice messages to all students and faculty during inclement weather or other on-campus emergencies.  Learn more about NP Alert…

If you have recently changed your phone number, you must update your NP Alert account at my.newpaltz.edu if you want to continue receiving alerts.

A loss of power may affect our ability to use these means. Therefore, your Resident Director will be kept up to date with any necessary information regarding emergency procedures.

Stay safe.

Your Residence Life Staff

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