Hurricane Sandy: Important Information Regarding Emergency Preparedness

Dear Campus Community,

As Hurricane Sandy is presently forecast to affect our area Monday, Oct. 29, into Tuesday, Oct. 30, we strongly recommend you read every part of this message carefully.

The message contains important information pertaining to safety procedures and emergency communications in the event of inclement weather.

Be Prepared
As this storm may cause power outages, it is recommended students make sure their laptops and phones are fully charged in advance of Sandy’s arrival.

Protect Your Electronic Devices and Important Files
Keep computers and electrical equipment (including cellphones) dry and in a safe area. Back up any important data on a portable storage device such as a flash drive.
All windows in residence halls should be closed.

Familiarize yourself with the Inclement Weather Policy (create link here)

NP Alert
NP Alert is an emergency alert system used by campus administration and University Police to send text and voice messages to all students and faculty in the event of a delay or cancellation due to inclement weather (weather alert) or other on-campus emergency. Learn more about NP Alert…

If you have recently changed your phone number, you must update your NP Alert account at if you want to continue receiving alerts.

The system is an integral communication tool in the college’s emergency response plan.

Why is NP Alert important?
Beyond the obvious benefits the service provides in the event of an on-campus emergency, you’ll be alerted as soon as the decision has been made to cancel classes or close campus buildings in an inclement weather event. As evidenced during last year’s hurricanes Irene and Lee, the NP Alert system is crucial in communicating important messages in the event of a weather emergency.

Together with NP Alert the campus also uses the following forms of communication to provide critical and necessary updates:

  • College web home page alerts :
  • INFOLINE: a message will be recorded on the 257-INFO (4636) hot line
  • All Faculty and Staff and All Student (all-fs/all-stu) announcements sent from ERT or Campus Update via e-mail
  • Posting to official college social media sites: Facebook and Twitter

Our Campus is Preparing for Hurricane Sandy
The Emergency Response Team (ERT) met with the President’s Cabinet Friday morning to plan for the storm. Our campus is taking all measures to ensure the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff and community. The ERT is prepared to respond to conditions on campus and will continue to monitor, assess and respond to changing conditions throughout the course of this storm. Storm preparations include:

  • Fuel tanks are full
  • Continuous cleaning of drains for removal of leaves and debris
  • Securing construction sites and fencing
  • Water sensing alert systems are in place in critical lower levels subject to flooding that serve to insure the continuity of business and critical systems
  • Food and water have been stockpiled for on-campus residents. On Sunday, some supplies will be delivered to the residence halls in case the storm conditions make it hazardous for students to walk to the dining facilities.
  • Since Hurricane Irene and Lee last year, the college has completed a drainage project that we anticipate will help reduce the likelihood of a repeat flooding in Haggerty. However, offices are taking necessary precautions to protect vital equipment and systems.
  • We have activated our back-up web site to be able to continue to provide information in case our main site is unavailable due to power outages or other conditions. This site is simply used to provide information and does not have all the services of our regular site.

Please use good judgment and keep safety in mind when planning to travel anywhere, whether across campus or anywhere else. Debris and natural elements (such as tree branches, dirt and rocks) can become airborne, avoid pooled water or quickly running water, watch for mud and wet leaves. Rain and fog create slippery conditions and poor visibility. Remember objects can become loose and cause damage to people and property. Please take precautions to protect yourself and your property.

Remember 845 -257-2222 for any emergency

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