Important updates from your University Police Department

Important updates from your University Police Department

August 28, 2012

To the New Paltz Community;

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you back to SUNY Paltz! To our first year students, thanks for joining us and I wish you the best during your time here.

I wanted to take a moment to tell you about some important updates that we have phased in over the summer, all intended to make your stay with us a safe one.

  • In July of 2012, University Police launched a new anonymous telephone tip line that anyone can use to let us know about; concerns, crime tips, suggestions, complaints, etc. This is a recorded line, all you will need to do is dial the number and leave your message. The number is 845.257.2230. Or you can just dial 2230 from any campus phone.
  • In August of 2012, University Police launched a FaceBook page. Feel free to check it out at; and don’t forget to click the “like” button! You’ll find updated UPD information on the page, crime prevention tips and information regarding upcoming RAD and other training sessions offered by UPD. The page is also open for your comments. We’re excited to enter the “social media” age and welcome your feedback!
  • Remember, if you need University Police, you can always reach us by dialing extension 2222 from any campus phone or 845.257.2222 from all other phones. In the event of an emergency, simply dial 911 from ANY phone. Our email address is
  • Finally you can contact us through our “Silent Witness” program through our website at

David Dugatkin
Chief of Police

Tips for Navigating the Library

Tips for Navigating the Library

August 28, 2012

Dear Campus Community:

Attached is  information about changes to the library due to renovation.  You may find the list explaining where parts of the collection are now housed especially useful.  Materials were shifted in response to the expected renovation demands, and will stay in their current locations until the renovation is complete. There is also information about the new location of the late night study room and service points for librarians this semester.

>>>Library Renovation Information

FYI:  The currently closed hallway from the concourse library entrance door toward the lecture center will be reopened in the near future.  STL18 is now accessible from the lecture center.  Access through the outside concourse level connecting the ramp by the library parking lot and the Excelsior Concourse has also been restored.

There is additional information about the renovation project on the libguide at:

We look forward to seeing you in the library.

Morgan Gwenwald
Outreach Librarian

Political Activity on Campus: What You Need to Know

Political Activity on Campus: What You Need to Know

August 27, 2012

Dear Campus Community,

As we approach election season and candidates begin campaigning in the area, it is appropriate to remind the campus community about State University policy on the use of campus facilities and other resources for campaign-related purposes.

As an academic institution, we recognize and welcome the educational benefits of exposing students to political debate and information, including partisan political speech. We have made some of our facilities available to a wide range of outside speakers and expressive activities and, therefore, have legal obligations to open such facilities to political speech, as well. In handling requests for permission to use campus facilities, we must be guided by the principle of viewpoint neutrality and evenhanded treatment as to terms and conditions of use (i.e. rental charges, security costs, insurance, etc.).

With regards to political speech and speakers, the State University has placed certain limits on access to its facilities. It has been longstanding State University policy – going back to at least the 1970s – to prohibit use of State University property for partisan political candidate fundraisers. This policy is consistent with our legal obligations, the educational mission of the State University, and other strong interests, such as avoidance of the inevitable impression of endorsing particular candidates.

» 2012 Memo from SUNY System Administration Regarding Political Campaign Activity by NYS Employees

The policies that address the most commonly asked questions are the New York State Public Officer’s Law and SUNY policies on facilities usage for non-commercial purposes. The applicable provisions are:

Public Officer’s Law:
No state employee may use his/her official title, position or authority in any campaign activities, including untargeted mass mailings. No state resources of any type may be used in furtherance of these activities, including, but not limited to, telephone, office supplies, postage, photocopying machines, computers (including e-mail) and support staff (see Advisory Opinion No. 93-9) nor may campaign activities be conducted from a state office or during state business hours unless leave is taken. Finally, no state employee may solicit from subordinates, as this practice is strictly forbidden by Civil Service law §107. (See also Election Law §17-158.)

Use of Facilities by Non-Commercial Organizations and Use of Facilities by Third Parties for Free Speech:
Political organizations are included in SUNY’s definition of non-commercial organizations that are permitted use of campus facilities and in the College’s policy on Use of Facilities by Third Parties for Free Speech. All non-commercial organizations are required to obtain a revocable permit for each use of campus facilities. These permits, obtained through Student Activities and Union Services for use of the Student Union Building (SUB), Conference Services and University Police for other campus locations, establish the terms and conditions for use of facilities, including reimbursement for any associated costs. If a political candidate wishes to speak in one of the free speech zones identified in the Use of Facilities by Third Parties for Free Speech policy during non-blackout dates outlined in the policy, they should contact the Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance. The Use of Facilities by Third Parties for Free Speech policy may be found at this link:

The SUNY policy on Use of Facilities by Non-Commercial Organizations imposes the following additional conditions for use of facilities by partisan political organizations:

  1. That the proposed meeting gives promise of contributing to the educational purposes of the institution.
  2. That the institution sees a reasonable possibility of making the facilities available for other viewpoints to be presented.

Distribution of Campaign Materials:
Individuals campaigning for office shall have access to students and employees in parking lots, entrances to buildings and other areas to which members of the public are admitted, provided that such activities do not inhibit the movement of people or vehicles, impair the safe and efficient conduct of the operation or interfere with work duties or work performance. Individuals are not allowed to campaign in residence halls.

Individual campaign posters are not permitted in public spaces on campus. Meeting notices and other organizational materials shall not be hung upon, posted or otherwise affixed to the walls, doors, windows, trees or other appurtenances of facilities and buildings owned or leased by the state. All materials posted in the Student Union Building (SUB) and the residence halls must be approved and posted by the Office of Student Activities and Union Services. Flyers should be sorted in 14 piles (no more than two flyers per pile) for the 13 residence halls and the SUB. Posters and flyers can be distributed to other academic buildings if placed on bulletin boards.

More information on State University policies regarding use of facilities by non-commercial organizations can be found at this website (scroll down under Policy I to Section K: Use of university facilities for political purposes).

Office of Communication and Marketing

Campus Parking Update

Campus Parking Update

August 20, 2012

Dear Members of the Campus Community:

I hope this memo finds you well and, I trust you had a restful and enjoyable summer break. I write to inform the campus community of the construction progress and to remind everyone of the effects on campus parking.   As discussed during our construction presentations this spring, we continue moving forward with major improvement projects that were determined during our campus-wide master planning efforts of 2007 and 2010.  These projects include: renovation of Wooster Hall, construction of the Mohonk Walk, renovation of Sojourner Truth Library, construction of a new parking lot behind Lenape Hall and storm drainage work (thank you Hurricane Irene) in front of Haggerty Administration Building. We are also finalizing design work on the route 32 parking lot extension with construction to begin this fall, along with the new science building that is slated to begin construction in early 2013.

These projects, along with our commitment to making our campus more pedestrian friendly and reducing pedestrian and vehicular conflicts by moving parking to the exterior of the campus, have necessitated the closing of some parking lots, some permanently and some temporarily.. I understand that the following detail is a great deal of information to digest, so I have attached a link at the top of this email to a campus map (map #1) detailing the parking lot closures. This map, along with a second map discussed later in this message, can be an informative guide to help you locate parking on campus quickly and easily. As you plan for your return to campus, we urge that you review these changes (and the attached maps) and plan accordingly for your first day back on campus. The details are as follows:

Temporary Parking Lot Closures:
A small portion of the North side of the Library Lot 3 will remain closed through 2013.

The northern part of Mohonk Lot 24 and the southern portion of Bouton Hall Lot 25 are scheduled to open by the beginning of classes (end of day Aug 25.)

The western portion of Coykendall Lot 22 and Resnick Lot 20 are presently closed as they are being used as staging areas for the Wooster renovation project and will remain closed throughout 2014.

The Haggerty Administration Lot 15 and the Haggerty Circle is currently closed but is scheduled to reopen by Aug 23.

A portion of College Hall Parking Lot 19 (southern ends) will be closed from Aug. 27 – Nov. 1, 2012 for construction of underground heating lines for the future Science Building.

Permanent Parking Lot Closures:
New construction at the Mohonk Walk has permanently replaced Wooster Parking Lot 21.

The new science building will permanently replace Plattekill Lot 18. This lot will remain open until  January 2013.

Additional Disabled Parking:
As a result of the abovementioned parking lot closings, we have added additional disabled parking spaces as follows: 3 in Coykendall Lot 22, specifically between Faculty Office Building and Bouton Hall, 4 in Mohonk Lot 24 and 5 in Plattekill Lot 18.

New Parking Lot Construction:
The design for the new Route 32 parking lot is complete and the project will be out to bid later this month. Construction of an additional 140 parking spaces will begin this fall and be ready for use by spring 2013.

The new resident parking lot located behind Lenape Hall is also planned for construction this fall. The additional 213-space lot is expected to be open for use in spring 2013.

Ample Parking Exists on Campus:
We have conducted extensive parking space counts on campus over the last few years and continue to find approximately 600 available spaces at our peak demand periods. We have also recently contracted with the consulting firm of Perkins Eastman; they have been retained to implement a parking study, which will assist the campus in recommending future parking policies & procedures and assessment of our current parking lot capacity. The consultant has transformed our parking space counts into a campus map (map #2) that indicates the parking lots with the most available open spaces during the peak demand periods. Please keep in mind that the parking lots with the most available spaces (colored green and yellow on the map) are on the campus periphery and you should allow a little extra time to traverse campus.

As you arrive on campus and have any suggestions or comments relating to the parking arrangements, please submit them to our parking office at

As always, thank you for your continued cooperation and patience as we make unprecedented capital improvements to our campus.


John M. Shupe
Asst. Vice President for Facilities Management