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Creating Bulk Downloads

Learn how to save grading time while also backing-up student assignments.  This tutorial will teach you how to do a bulk download in BlackBoard in order to save multiple files at once (i.e. download all submitted papers for a particular assignment).


Creating Assignment Areas

Having students electronically submit their work through BlackBoard can be quite beneficial; it allows you to: instantly receive student work; grade and return papers through BlackBoard; and have an archive of all student work for the semester.  This tutorial will teach you how to add a content area with an …


Submitting Assignments in Bb

So…. your professor has required you to submit an assignment through BlackBoard and it’s 2:00 am and you can’t remember what to do?  Watch this brief tutorial to learn how to submit assignments by attaching them within a BlackBoard assignment area… trust us in five minutes your assignment will be …


Manage Users + Email Options

Put BlackBoard to work!  BlackBoard has some great management features that can help you stay organized throughout the semester by keeping up-to-date with student progress and giving you a variety of ways to communicate with students whenever necessary.  This tutorial will teach you how to manage the participants in your …