Faculty Development (Online/Hybrid Courses)

The new process, which leads to “verification” of faculty readiness, provides customized support and resources to help faculty prepare a course for delivery in an online or hybrid format.  Faculty readiness must be verified before a course can be scheduled for online/hybrid delivery.

How to Get Started
  1. Identify a course that you would like to teach in online/hybrid format.
  2. Consult your department chair or program director to confirm support for online/hybrid delivery of your chosen course.
  3. Review the information we are providing on this site to learn about your development options and to select the option that best suits your needs.
  4. Go to my.newpaltz.edu (Faculty/Staff Tab >> Faculty Services >> Teaching Menu >> Faculty Development to Teach Online and Hybrid Courses) and complete the “Faculty Development Request” webform. (See below for recommended timing.)
  5. The TLC will contact you to schedule your development and will set up a Blackboard course-development site for you to use in the process.
What is the Recommended Timing?

There are many factors to be considered when planning a development schedule, including when your course will be offered, your workload, and your familiarity with the technology employed in online or hybrid  teaching.  At a minimum, however, you will need to allow yourself enough time to upload the required course materials* that you prepare as part of the faculty-development process to your course prior to the course appearing on the Schedule of Classes; please note the following parameters:

  • For fall 2015 offerings: required course material* uploaded no later than February 15, 2015
  • For spring 2016 offerings: required course material* uploaded no later than October 2, 2015

* “Required course material” includes the course syllabus (with online office hours noted), semester schedule with assignments, and 25% of the course content.

How is the Process Completed?

Uploaded course material will be reviewed and, when appropriate, you will be granted provisional approval to teach the online/hybrid course.  After doing so, you will be expected to “close the instructional loop” by offering feedback on your experience using one of the following methods:

  • Plan a presentation at the TLC on best practices or lessons learned during your online or hybrid experience
  • Plan to attend a meeting of the CCET and report on your experiences to the committee
  • Submit an email report describing your experiences

When all steps are complete, you will receive a certificate verifying completion of the development process and your readiness to teach online or hybrid courses.  A $1500 award is associated with verification.  Faculty who complete the verification process agree to teach an online or hybrid course a second time within two years.