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January 2013


Journals, Blogs, Wikis, & Discussion

BlackBoard offers a number of different learning tools that allow students to interact with their instructors and classmates in various ways: journals, for private communications between instructors and students; blogs or the discussion board, for class discussions through; and wikis for the interactive modification of a shared document.  This workshop …


Web Conferencing with Blackboard

Reach out to your students with BlackBoard’s own web conferencing technology: “Collaborate.”  We will walk you through how to set up a Collaborate session; what settings to use to maximize or customize your session; and how to record your session for asynchronous sharing.


Creating BlackBoard Assignments

Learn how to create assignments – including assignments that utilize the anti-plagiarism software, “Turnitin” – right in your BlackBoard classroom.  This is a great feature that allows students to submit their work virtually, so you can grade their assignments directly in the BlackBoard grade center.  We will also be covering …


Creating Bulk Downloads

Learn how to save grading time while also backing-up student assignments.  This tutorial will teach you how to do a bulk download in BlackBoard in order to save multiple files at once (i.e. download all submitted papers for a particular assignment).