Lisa Dieker of University of Central Florida Visits SOE, Speaks on Preparing the Next Generation of Learners
Irene Watts-Politza Recognized by MHSSC

Irene Watts-Politza Recognized by MHSSC

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We congratulate Irene Watts-Politza, lecturer in the Department of Elementary Education, for receiving the Mid-Hudson School Study Council 2014 Education Leadership Award.

Alumna Myra Kressner Visits SOE, Encourages Teacher Candidates
Barbara Chorzempa Wins Major Grant for Work with Middle School Social Studies Classes
Kate McCoy and Eve Tuck Publish and Speak on Place-Based Education
Pine Bush High School Students, Determined to Teach, Tour Campus
1952 Message from New Paltz

1952 Message from New Paltz

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Old Main and Vandenberg in the early 1950s. In the message, Babs asks Ms. Sheila Willis to send cookies and reports on poison ivy.

Professor Eve Tuck Receives Award from the American Educational Research Association
Teaching the Perks and Drawbacks of Nuclear Energy

Thanks to…

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Thanks for contributions to this issue are due to our graduate assistant extraordinaire, Christine Retta, who is leaving us with her MA in English and going on to City Year. We also thank Chris Whitaker, Stephen Dowd, Justin Shumway, and Suzanne Grady and Melissa Kaczmarek in the Office of Communication and Marketing.